What is a "cloud"?

The primary challenge for any enterprise is to provide the highest quality product or service at the lowest possible cost. Cloud computing is the perfect tool to fulfil this goal by enabling businesses to use high quality software and IT resources more effectively and efficiently than ever before. How is this possible?

Cloud is just another phase of IT development, which will be crucial to the way we deliver and use IT services. By implementing a cloud computing system, the IT department will be able to offer a more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective model of using its services. Making systems from the ground up will be replaced by creating a configuration from a pool of available and universal resources. Such a mechanism is determined by the economy and the increasing competitiveness of the market. That is why market analysts agree: cloud computing is the future of IT development in every company.

What are the benefits of cloud computing?

Lower costs
  • Paying only for services you actually use
  • Lower cost of IT hardware and software
  • Lower cost of data center
Reliability and high availability
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Ease of creating data backups
  • Comprehensive and effective management of IT availability
  • Constant access to data
  • Data protection and privacy
  • High level of security
Full control
  • Data sovereignty
  • Cloud model tailored to your needs
  • Low cost of migration and integration

Comparison of security in traditional and cloud models

The debate surrounding cloud computing technology focuses on several issues: efficiency, scalability, flexibility and implementation cost. The main question for every IT Director and business owner is: is cloud computing safe? You need just to look at the following table to find the answer to this question.


Traditional model

Cloud model
Safety devicesThe risk of random events (fire, flood, failure of hardware), theftGuarantee of safety
Access to data 
Access to data access to data by unauthorized persons
The system protected against power failure and failure
BackupsThe need to perform backupsAutomatic backups
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