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The primary challenge of every business is to provide the highest quality product or service, at the lowest cost possible. The perfect tool to meet this condition is the cloud computing that allows companies to use high-quality software and IT resources more efficiently and effectively than ever before. How is this possible?


In response to ever-increasing needs of sales departments in companies operating through representative networks, we have developed a service that supports the tasks of field sales representatives based on the SFA technology platform and software. In their smartphones, salespeople will have access to a system that supports their field work as well as to the […]

Veeam Cloud Connect

Creating a backup at an external site based on a cloud. Virtual machine backups may be migrated to an external site without the implementation of a separate, complex infrastructure and incurring the related costs. The Veeam® Cloud Connect feature provides a fully integrated, fast, and secure way of restoring backups from the cloud. Just […]


Bpower2 is a tool that will help you leverage your business. How to achieve that? – organize the knowledge and tasks in your company in the simplest possible way. This has been achieved due to a close cooperation of: • business practitioners – managers of SME companies • consultants experiencedin business management systems • IT […]


A product of the Storware company is a unique project that aims to complement the company’s offer concerning the safety of workstations, laptops, and mobile devices. We strived to ensure our customers’ data security at all levels of infrastructure. The KODO backup system is based on our best experiences gained during the implementation of backup/archiving […]