Veeam Cloud Connect


Creating a backup at an external site based on a cloud.

Virtual machine backups may be migrated to an external site without the implementation of a separate, complex infrastructure and incurring the related costs. The Veeam® Cloud Connect feature provides a fully integrated, fast, and secure way of restoring backups from the cloud.

Just choose K3cloud and transfer virtual machine backups to the cloud – disaster recovery and backing up data in an external cloud-based site is now really easy!

A proper implementation of the “3-2-1” rule for backing up data in the cloud.

The “3-2-1” rule says that data should be stored in three copies, on two different storage media, including one offsite. Storing backups offsite can be problematic due to limited bandwidth, dynamically growing data, and lack of resources required to create and maintain a genuine external copy repository.

The Veeam Cloud Connect feature allows for the implementation of the “3-2-1” rule without investing finances and resources into additional sites and without increasing bandwidth. Simply use the cloud backup repository provided by Veeam Cloud & Service Provider and the built-in WAN network acceleration technology.

Easy to use cloud backup features.

The Veeam company provides efficient and reliable features that help to avoid the risk of catastrophic data loss. The Veeam Cloud Connect feature provides the following benefits:

• Hosting of backups: Backups may be sent to an external hosted cloud repository via a secure SSL connection – without the need to buy additional Veeam licenses.
• Full insight and control: Data stored in the hosted backup repositories may be viewed and recovered directly from the operator console. It is also possible to keep track of repository usage and receive notifications of license renewal dates.
• Modern backup architecture: Our comprehensive product uses the Veeam state-of–the-art backup recovery technology, including copying backups, with built-in WAN network acceleration, continuous incremental backup creation mode, and GFS storage scheme (grandfather-father-son).
• Comprehensive encryption: All data is encrypted at the source (before leaving the company network) as well as during transfer and storage. This is achieved without compromising the data reduction factor provided by the built-in WAN network compression and acceleration features.

Veeam Cloud Connect — licensing.

The Veeam Cloud Connect feature with backup creation functionality is included in the Veeam Availability Suite™, Veeam Backup & Replication™, and Veeam Backup Essentials™ for all end-users, without the need for additional fees and licenses. However, in order to use it, you must subscribe on an appropriate computer and storage resources in K3cloud.