In response to ever-increasing needs of sales departments in companies operating through representative networks, we have developed a service that supports the tasks of field sales representatives based on the SFA technology platform and software. In their smartphones, salespeople will have access to a system that supports their field work as well as to the necessary information. The system is designed to work with the Customers’ business systems, such as financial and accounting systems, storage systems, CRM or ERP-type integrated systems, thus enabling synchronization of data with the systems that are essential for the company’s operation and a continuous access to the system for field workers in the assigned range of permissions.

SFA is a sales platform that supports the management of sales representative networks in the scope of sales operations (direct and order procurement), marketing, and logistics, allowing for improved sales operations and enabling electronic accounting, transmission and analyses of market and management data. The key objective is to provide mobile users with valuable information that was previously available only from CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems only to stationary employees on the company’s site.

The application is provided as a complete and ready-to-use solution – there is no need to build and deploy new IT systems, purchase servers or specialized software. There are also no additional requirements for maintaining IT infrastructure. In addition, the service provides telephone support for end-users of Mobile Sales Service and training of key users.


Benefits of implementing FuxSFA

For field employees:

• fast and simple access to customer information;
• reduced time of preparation for meetings with customers;
• reduced customer meeting time;
• immediate exchange of information between users.

For sales managers:

• access to current information necessary for decision-making;
• detailed and objective information about employee operations;
• detailed information about each customer and contact history.

For the company:

• accelerating sales information means accelerating the cash flow;
• increased sales department productivity;
• reduced costs of collecting, processing, and utilizing information;
• increased customer satisfaction.

For the IT department:

• ease of implementation due to ready-to-use installation plans and proven implementation technology;
• openness due to sharing of the source-code with partners and customers, built-in self-extending mechanisms, and integration of ERP;
• universality thanks to 7 language versions, presence in demanding corporations, dozens of business partners in the world, and support for the largest integrators.