A product of the Storware company is a unique project that aims to complement the company’s offer concerning the safety of workstations, laptops, and mobile devices. We strived to ensure our customers’ data security at all levels of infrastructure.

The KODO backup system is based on our best experiences gained during the implementation of backup/archiving environments and through cooperation with the IBM company. By leveraging our expertise and combining it with a proven technology we have created the only product on the market that offers such a wide range of possibilities. It is the most complex and technologically advanced backup mechanism (based on IBM Spectrum Protect software).

The Kodo technology not only protects data stored on all types of devices, but also allows to share secure data in an accessible form with other users, and provides the possibility to migrate data between various types of devices.


KODO system functionality:

• Unified system management
• Integration with LDAP/Active Directory servers
• Deployment of applications using “magic link” mechanisms
• Continuous data protection system which does not interfere with user’s activity
• Tracking of file changes and versions
• Email client protection (Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes)
• Advanced mechanisms reducing the volume of data sent (deduplication and compression)
• Playback to a selected moment in timeline
• Local storage mechanism for secure data (in case of no network access)
• Integration with IBM Spectrum Protect software
• Scalability (1000+ terminals)
• Mobile device protection (Android, iOS, WindowsPhone)
• Proactive data sharing between devices
• Transfer of secured data between protected platforms
• Extension of data protection policy