Bpower2 is a tool that will help you leverage your business.

How to achieve that? – organize the knowledge and tasks in your company in the simplest possible way.

This has been achieved due to a close cooperation of:

• business practitioners – managers of SME companies
• consultants experiencedin business management systems
• IT specialists

Bpower2 has been successfully tested and launched in more than 50 companies in the following industries:

• Marketing
• Production
• Services – consulting and accounting companies

It allows you to organize what seems so difficult to accomplish, i.e. a huge volumes of electronic documents and tasks between employees.


Bpower2 main assumptions:

• Flexibility – Bpower2 is implemented in steps.
• Simplicity – No need to create complicated, expensive concepts just to start utilizing the system and then start matching it to the circumstances as they change.
• Ease of use – Users are supposed to feel good, so the descriptions and operation method need to be understandable, friendly, and intuitive.
• Automation – It automates what takes people a lot of time to accomplish.
• Quick access to knowledge – It provides access to knowledge both within and outside the system when required.
• Ease of management – It provides transparency of operations in the company and identifies the responsibilities of each individual.
• Time savings