By the end of June 2017, Petya ransomware program attacked companies and organizations around the globe. Most damage has been done in Ukraine – the Kiev Metro, the National Bank of Ukraine, and several airports were among the affected institutions.

Petya can also attack your organization! Check what to do to protect your company from the threat.

What is Petya?

The Petya ransomware program blocks the hard drive and demands a ransom threatening to remove the access to the files forever. When a victim clicks on a downloaded malicious .exe file, the Petya worm starts encrypting the MTF file and displays a message demanding a bitcoin payment in return for restoring access to the computer. What is important is that even fully updating the system will not help against Petya. It soon became apparent that all it takes for the worm to spread is for the computer to be connected to the same domain as the infected device, and it soon becomes infected itself.

How to protect yourself against Petya?

Unfortunately, there is no effective program that can decrypt files claimed by Petya, so it is impossible to recover files infected by the newest versions of the program. Therefore, the implementation of backup systems is the only effective way to protect against ransomware.

Proven tools:

Veeam Cloud Connect (BaaS-DRaaS services)

Veeam Cloud Connect, or an external site backup without the need to build your own backup center. Veeam Cloud Connect provides a fully integrated, fast, and secure method of creating, replicating, and recovering backup files from a computing cloud.

Data backup is possible using a standard connection, even with low bandwidth, and SSL encryption. However, by using the newest technologies in combination with the highest standards you can ensure complete data security.

Backup as a Service

This is a comprehensive security service for data from Customer’s applications, servers, and workstations, based on dedicated tools and the K3 Cloud environment. It involves periodic backing up and testing of data recovery capabilities directly from the K3 Cloud.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

This solution includes synchronization and replication of the production system to the K3 Cloud. It is implemented as part of an existing network and physical infrastructure, without affecting current performance levels. The implementation procedure is easy, does not require system downtime, and has no impact on system configuration or its performance.

NEW Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows 2.0

Veeam Agent For Microsoft Windows
A simple backup agent dedicated to making Windows workload available by backing up data as well as recovering servers and workstations – both physical and cloud based – as well as terminal equipment of remote users.

Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows
It is a perfect tool to protect your terminal equipment, whether the employees are in the office, at home, or on the road. However, taking care of the availability of remote users outside the company network may be a serious problem that puts a great deal of priceless business data at risk – especially if help is not available at hand. Backing up directly in the Veeam Cloud Connect repository.

— storing backups of physical workloads in cloud locations due to fully integrated, fast, and secure backup and data recovery mechanisms through your selected service provider using the Veeam technology

If you are looking for comprehensive, advanced tools to protect against the Petya ransomware virus, contact us.