The high scalability and availability of the K3Cloud solution provides Matras S.A. with a stable logistics management for 180 bookstores and e-commerce.

“The choice of solutions in the cloud computing model allowed us to utilize resources more efficiently and manage them in a very complex ERP implementation without having to pay the costs of expanding our server infrastructure ‘just in case.’” – Bogusław Małysiak, IT Infrastructure Manager, Matras S.A.

Matras is one of the leaders in book distribution on the Polish market. In bookshops all across Poland, Matras offers more than 130 thousand books and several millions of copies from contemporary literature and biographies to children’s books. The network’s offer is aimed at readers of various interests. The readers will find not only bestsellers and newest releases, but also niche titles and books sought after by connoisseurs.

The direction of cloud computing

For management and inventory of goods located in the logistics center and at 180 bookshops, the company was using its own solution – an ERP class system. However, with its dynamic development the IT environment quickly ceased to respond to business needs, which forced the decision to change the system.

“Changes were unavoidable. We only debated whether to build a classic infrastructure or to use a cloud computing solution. The on-premises solution was well known to us and we could have basically implemented the whole process by ourselves, but that would also involve a lot of overhead costs and time to implement. That is why we decided to use the cloud, which offers lower initial costs and better scalability.” – Bogusław Małysiak, Matras S.A.

By deciding to use a cloud computing solution, the company was able to start the implementation process on already existing servers almost immediately.

“After a year of utilizing the cloud platform provided by one of the world’s leading suppliers, we noticed that not all of the metrics satisfied us. We did not use all of the very wide possibilities offered by the solution at that price. Due to the fact that the servers of all international suppliers are located abroad, the response time was between 50 and 60 milliseconds. In the case of normal usage it does not really matter, but when it comes to terminal operation and searches in the database, sometimes our application did not respond in the assumed time.” – Bogusław Małysiak, Matras S.A.

Verification, change, and further development

The Matras company decided to look for another cloud computing provider who would guarantee fast, secure, and reliable operation of the system at a competitive price. That is why K3System has become its implementation partner – a company with its own unique cloud computing solution: K3Cloud.

“K3System has been our partner for many years and we can always count on them understanding our needs. This time was no different. K3System provided us with assistance at every stage of the migration. We have received the support of dedicated engineers, who helped us start the whole process and carry it out to the end. In addition, we must mention that K3System offered a free trial period of the K3Cloud solution, so the launch of our new environment took place at no extra cost.” – Bogusław Małysiak, Matras S.A.

Currently the logistics systems and a part of storage systems is operated through K3Cloud. By deciding to use K3Cloud, the company improved system performance while reducing infrastructure costs.

“A business that brings nothing but money is not a successful business.” – Paweł Jedynak, Sales Director, K3System Sp. z o.o.

Efficient, reliable, and secure: this is the K3Cloud

Unlimited development opportunities
High availability of the service in every part of the globe provides the company with the ability to expand its business to other countries without having to invest heavily in infrastructure. This would not be possible in the case of a traditional IT solution.

High availability and scalability
The company may change the available computing power at any time. The K3Cloud platform is able to handle continuous increases in number of users and periodic spikes.

Lower costs
K3Cloud made it unnecessary to build their own infrastructure. In addition, the company pays only for the resources that are actually used.